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Kandahar, Afghanistan

Cairo, Egypt

I have 13 years of experience in applied research and in designing, managing, and evaluating democracy and governance, stabilization, conflict mitigation, migration, and peacebuilding projects in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Nigeria, South Sudan, and Syria for humanitarian, development, and advocacy organizations. 

Tripoli, Libya, 2011

Select roles include:​​

  • Migration Subject Matter Expert, USAID (Washington, D.C.)

  • Senior Researcher, Peace & Conflict, Mercy Corps (Washington, D.C.)

  • Research Consultant, UNHCR (New York, NY)

  • Senior Conflict Specialist, Independent Evaluation Group, The World Bank (Washington, D.C.)

  • Migration Consultant, Danish Refugee Council/Mixed Migration Centre of North Africa (Tunis, Tunisia)

  • Consultant (Syria), Refugees International (Washington, D.C.)

  • Evaluation Consultant, Mery Corps (Washington, D.C./Syria/Lebanon/Jordan)

  • Technical Advisor (Research), Chemonics International/DFID (London, U.K.)

  • Technical Advisor, USAID Office of Conflict Management and Mitigation (Washington, D.C.)

  • Technical Advisor, USAID Center of Excellence in Democracy, Human Rights & Governance (D.C.)

  • Survey Research Specialist, USAID/OTI Syria (Istanbul, Turkey)

  • Evaluation Consultant, USAID/OTI Syria (Istanbul, Turkey)

  • M&E Trainer, U.S. Department of State Near Eastern Affairs Bureau (Istanbul, Turkey)

  • M&E Trainer, USAID/OTI Syria Regional Program (Gaziantep, Turkey)

  • Senior Research Analyst, USAID/OTI Syria (Istanbul, Turkey)

  • Lead Author, Assessment of USAID/OTI Syria Regional Program (Gaziantep, Turkey)

  • Strategic Communications & Proposal Development, Tetra Tech DPK (San Francisco, CA)

  • Technical Lead & Proposal Writer, USAID South Sudan Conflict Mitigation Program (Juba, South Sudan)

  • Technical Lead & Proposal Writer, USAID Afghan Parliamentary Assistance Program (Kabul, Afghanistan)

  • Technical Researcher, USAID Stability in Key Areas (Herat, Afghanistan)

  • Technical Researcher, USAID Afghan Small and Medium Enterprise Development (Kabul, Afghanistan)

  • Technical Researcher & Recruiter, USAID Iraq Local Governance Program (Baghdad, Iraq)

  • Operations Director, USAID/OTI Libya Transition Initiative (Tripoli, Libya)

  • Technical Lead & Proposal Writer, USAID Enhance Governance Program (Mindanao, Philippines)

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